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Better Education for Children in Need

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In 2021, the FCSCPCO began the Better Education for Children in Need project. Beneficiary students participate in extension classes after school and on the weekends in STEAM, physical education, and languages. Students have opportunities to build their academic skills with active learning experts and to build their social and emotional skills with social workers and counsellors. Kitchen staff also creates delicious and nutritious meals to support students’ nutritional needs.

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29 children taught daily 

27 families receiving small business training

45 K-5 teachers trained in impactful practices

We are thrilled to announce this new partnership between Kelem International School and the new Kelem Education Foundation. Kelem Education Foundation was born to help the school community enact their values of collaborative community, working with integrity, and confident and creative learners.

This year, the Kelem International School board is forming stronger connections with the woreda community to facilitate the realization of every child’s full potential. With your support, we will nurture every child's creativity and curiosity to collaboratively explore our immediate and wider world, carving a path for a confident and self-realized global citizen.

Kelem International School is expanding to help our community in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Please support this new partnership by following us on social media, and making a donation for our summer fund drive. Thank you for being a part of our community!

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